Air Design Card
Air Design Card
Air Design Card
Air Design Card
Air Design Card
Air Design Card
Air Design Card
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Air Design Card

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Air Design Card has arrived from Japan, Air Purifying Card.

This is the Japanese Technology.....

In September 2013, a developer of Sharp Corporation's Plasmacluster, the late Dr. Hideyuki Nakagawa, brought to life the cluster Ion + Far-Infrared Radiation Card, which is Air Design Card.

The Air Design Card is a portable card-type air purifier and deodorant.
One of the most well-known technologies Dr. Nakagawa worked on is Sharp's
Plasmacluster®. However, while this requires electricity, Dr. Nakagawa's
second creation, the Air Design Card, is an eco-friendly air purification
system (card) with no need for a power supply.

PlasmaCluster generates Negative and Positive Ions similar to the amazing Nature cleansing system which exists in the natural environment.

Then, Dr. Nakagawa wanted to produce this natural Ions environment in a more Eco way.

It's like.... we carry PlasmaCluster with us all the time, but this is a Card. 

Then, it's all around us within a 2meter diameter.

Every day, we are exposed to Viruses, Bacteria, Pollen, House Dust, PM2.5 and so on...

In our meetings.

Commuting in the trains.

At business dinner. 

We would like to minimize the risk as much as possible.

Then, Air Design Card was born.

In fact, we can place the Air Design Card at many places. 

 Ion Generation and Air Purification Mechanisms

The ions released from the card react with the moisture in the air and break them into H and OH ions. 

Then, the active H and OH ions surround the pollen and drag it to the ground.

Here are the results with test users.

In spring 2016, Air Design Cards were distributed to 100 test users. The results were based on carrying an Air Design Card for 1 week. Results show a 95% reduction in hay fever symptoms and a 72% reduction in Itchy Eyes.

Deodorizing Studies (Rate of deodorization/odor removal after 2 hours)


※ Kaken Test Center Survey

- Shows the reduction rate of gas after 2 hours.                   

- Inspections were carried out via SEK application tests by enclosing samples and gas in a special bag.

AirBorne Studies (Removal rate after 60 minutes)

Quality of Japan Product


Our Belief

We believe that there are so many technologies out there.  We might not be aware of them yet. What we would like to show here is something special which could help you, your friends, and your family with the quality of life. We are not saying that this Air Design Card will prevent all risks that you might encounter out there. But this card might be a big or even a small help for you, which has been to us, our friends, and our family. Since we know about this technology, we believe that the right thing to do for our society is to tell you about this.

We would like to convey Dr. Nakagawa's will, who has passed away after this innovation, in order to make this world a safer place and more enjoyable place. 

 from Hawaii Hoaloha